Season 1, Session 3: It's a Jungle Out There


With mixed feelings about the Stoneburners being resurrected the C.S.S. Victory returned to the Tendril system to retrieve SAM from his temporary enslavement to the centurians. Two destroyers were placed in orbit of Pallas III and the remainder of the fleet pressed on to the Corrivale star system.

During the stardrive to Corrivale the players were summoned to the Committee on Verge Intigration’s chamber for special assignment. Only two members of the committee had convened, Undersecretary Michael Thayne of the Starmech Collective and YC937 59NMP, a.k.a. Judith Holman, of VoidCorp. The players were assigned to retrieve a sesheyan individual with crucial information from the lunar surface of Grith, the third planet Hydrocus’ only moon. The only lead they were given was to check with the security force in the capital city of Diamond Point.

Heloise docked the players’ ship moonside as everyone went through customs and checked their weapons. As they passed through the city the players quickly learned that sesheyans of Grith came from an ancient offshoot of the race, predating the VoidCorp enslavement of their cousins. However, despite the Hattire church’s devotion to charity most urban sesheyans either lived as beggars or worked for the criminal element known as the Aanghel Empire.


The players located the local security force and inquired publicly about their target, one Zan Dalin. Missioner Elias Houne immidiately drew arms and demanded the players surrender into the security force’s custody. After a short standoff it became clear to the players that Elias was not used to dealing with individuals so open in their methods, nor was he good he concealing his own. Elais knew that a part of the Aanghel Empire had infiltrated his security force and was attempting to prevent them from knowing that Elias himself had hidden Zan Dalin in a secure location.

When the planted operative found an excuse to leave the security force’s office Elias relinquished coordinates that would lead the players to Zan. However the coordinates were located more than 30 hours south-east, far into the jungle. Grith’s native fauna prohibited air travel so the players found a large delivery truck and bartered with its owner for the ability to borrow it.

A long afternoon gave way to a dark night that found the players maneuvering the large vehicle off-road through the jungle in an effort to reach the sesheyan village of Red Knife. A few short miles outside of the village the vehicle was stalked by large reptilian creatures called Veractor. A chase transpired through dense underbrush until SAM used himself as diversionary tactic, throwing himself from the vehicle to save the others. The truck stopped and the players held their ground until the Veractors lay defeated.


The player were injured though and quickly made their way to Red Knife to find respite and hopefully Zan Dalin. After arriving at the village’s perimeter the group was held at bowpoint by sesheyans unused to nocturnal visitors. Seeing that they were not native and were injured the sesheyans rushed the players to their local shaman, an elder male named Devlei’ir. As the player rested Devlei’ir was coaxed into revealing the secret history of Grith’s native sesheyan population.

Hundreds of years previous a colony of VoidCorp sesheyans had escaped enslavement and headed into the Verge in hopes that Galactic War II would prevent VoidCorp from considering them a priority and following. They were not wrong, and son settled on the uninhabited moon of Grith. The sesheyans agreed to leave their children and their children’s children unaware of their true ancestry, hoping that if one day VoidCorp were to follow, deniable plausibility could be used to prevent their re-enslavement. Only the leaders of sesheyan communities knew the secret and passed the secret down to only a single individual in each generation.

Devlei’ir went on to explain that somehow Zan Dalin had discovered the secret and had been creating a public scene, trying to convince his people that their race would be better off in the thrall of the powerful stellar nation that could feed them, clothe them and care for them. Just last week though Zan Dalin mysteriously disappeared though. But before he vanished Zan had gained a following of dedicated supporters and the entire movement had scared both the Aanghel Empire and Devlei’ir’s own traditionalists into a similar conclusion. Zan Dalin must die.



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