Season 1, Session 4: The Road Less Traveled

One thing was clear; Zan Dalin had to die. The young sesheyan had stirred up too much trouble within her own community. The gangs wanted her dead and the traditionalists wanted her dead. The only people who knew about Zan Dalin who didn’t want her dead was the sinister corporate heads of VoidCorp, and they wanted Zan Dalin to help re-enslave her people.

As the players left Red Knife they each harbored different beliefs on what the correct course of action should be. Heloise, Zaap, and Sam returned to the fleet to speak with their superiors on the topic. Heloise and Sam however were taken into a Top Secret mission and prevented from helping their team. Zaap talked with Darwin Alder and Bruce Hale of the Committee on Verge Integration and learned that the team had been sent on their present mission illegally by members of the committee acting outside their authority. Therefore, no matter what happened on Grith, any knowledge of the mission could easily be disavowed. Darwin called in favors to help get Zaap back to the lunar surface with this information and Minister Hale promised to scrub all logs of transporter activity that showed the players had ever come back aboard The Lighthouse.

Those who remained on Grith helped a hitchhiking sesheyan on their way to mission objective. The hitchhiker claimed to be Pe Terei, owner of a local hunting lodge outside of Red Knife. Pe attempted to answer what questions he could of the players, but was caught lying on several important topics. When confronted Pe admitted to being an assassin on retainer for the Aanghel Empire, sent to eliminate Zan Dalin. He offered to split his fee with the players should they help him accomplish their goals. This only further divided the opinions on what the “right thing” to do would be.

When the group arrived to the coordinates they had been given, they indeed found a hunting lodge, in which a very frightened Zan Dalin was staying. Haoyuun discussed with Zan the ramifications of her intentions and attempted to better reveal the error in attempting to reintroduce Grith’s sesheyans into VoidCorp’s servitude. Zan was convinced but still knew that a change had to happen for her people.

Zaap returned via a H.A.L.O. deployment, and brought ill tidings to the group having seen a large truck headed in their direction while descending via parachute. The players prepared for battle as Pe used the opportunity to sneak around and put eyes on his target. The truck arrived carrying a number of poorly armed sesheyans from the traditionalist movement with a captive gandercat they hoped to use to make sure Zan and the players was dealt with.

Both the traditionalists and the assassin were talked down and convinced to allow the players to leave with the problem child, Zan Dalin. A vote was cast and the players agreed that the only safe solution was the plan no one had offered; smuggle Zan off-moon and back to the Stellar Ring where she could join other sesheyan freedom fighters and work towards the betterment of all sesheyans, including those on Grith. A number of the party donated credits to help fund Zan’s voyage and promised to continue to send help when they could. In return Zan Dalin gifted the group her inherited amulet, made from wood local only to the forests of Sheya – her proof that Grith’s sesheyans were exactly the opposite of what they insisted to be, native to Grith.

Much to Pe’s dismay his life was extinguished and his body used to falsify evidence that the players had arrived to assist Zan too late. They burned his body with laser and plasma fire making the remains nearly indistinguishable. The Verge Committee members who had orchestrated the entire fascade were incredibly angry, but seemed all together convinced that it was the Grith-local sesheyans who had perpetrated the crime. The players seemingly remain one step ahead of the VoidCorp information network.



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