Season 1, Session 5: We're Not in Kansas Anymore


Arrival into the Karnath system was confusing to say the least. Fifty years previous to the arrival of the Galactic Concord Inseers had removed the yolk of VoidCorp’s servitude from their necks, however, as the fleet entered the extra solar region of the yellow-white star a message of unity between the two stellar nations was received.

“The Galactic Concord’s presence is neither required nor desired in the Karnath system at this time. Any entry into Karnath space will be considered an act of war.”

With prodding and diplomatic pleading a single expedition containing the players and Quesas Ba Ona were allowed access to the planet Bhruusil where a single Concord administrator had been stationed several decades previous. The mission was simple, go in, retrieve Administrator Soon-Bok and leave. As the players have become accustomed… nothing ever goes according to plan.

Heloise took the group’s courier into orbit of Bhrusil and was forced into allowing Inseer satellites to install software into the ship, to help guide it remotely into port. The players waited impatiently in the ship for several long minutes before becoming curious as to the nature of their detainment. They quickly discovered that the native race of Bhruu had come to Kansas Station to peacefully demonstrate a protest of proposed mining activity by the humans of Inseer. Carefully, the group filtered out into the city of Kansas Station, using the demonstration as a distraction.

It did not take long for the players to realize that the Inseer model of “community” differed greatly from what they considered normal. Any form of government was nearly non-existent. The same was true of currency and methods of public identification. All citizens of Kansas station seemed “jacked” into their version of The Grid, using the cyber realm as repository for all interpersonal communication.


Zaap meanwhile, in its infinite wonder, attempted to make friends with the Bhruu protesting outside their consulate. The presence of Dralasite life being new to the Inseer and Bhruu alike caused alarm and confusion, and drew the local security force’s attention. Zaap was taken into “custody” and escorted to the security offices where the dralasite was briefly introduced to Administrator Heoren DeValk.

Quesas Ba Ona and Haoyuun Il Sakaeli approached interstellar customs and was able to successfully draw the others back to the space port where they could register themselves and their non-military weaponry.

The group ascertained that Soon-Bok retained an office in the city and searched through dusty files and deactivated personal records to discover clues as to her whereabouts. Two useful pieces of data emerged; the first were a chain of visual descriptions of sights about and outside of town that could lead the players back to her domicile, the second clue was the name of Kansas Station’s chief surgeon in residence Dr. Iko Jita who had recently consulted with Soon-Bok over Soon’s growing depression (brough on by the seemingly uselless nature of her assignment on Bhruusil.)

While Dr. Iko Jita was unfamiliar with Soon-bok’s place of residence, the cyber-surgeon was able to confirm her discussions and the fact that she had authorized the distribution of anti-psychotics for help with the depression.

Zaap and Sam returned to the Bhruu consulate and made proper introductions, gaining access to the Bhruu language with its universal communicator. There she learned from Raahlak (Kaanh Abhaal) that the Chuunh Abhaal had gone missing in proposed mining areas close to their ancestral grazing lands. Zaap offered the help of the Galactic Concord which was accepted with great pleaure by the Bhruu, being used to Inseer ambivalence. To assist in the task Raahlak asked Lheeamak (Meenh Abhaal) to join Zaap and Sam, to which she gracefully accepted. Lheeamak, it turned out was greatly interested in an exchange of cultural information, especially mechanical engineering including motorcycles and starships.

Once reconvened the group tracked down Soon-bok’s living quarters a mile west of Kansas Station. After forcing their way in they discovered, to Quesas Ba Ona’s dismay, that Soon-bok had taken her own life through overdose. Further explorations into personal files confirmed that the greatest part of her depression was brought on by Devalk’s insistence at keeping her out of Bhruusil affairs. With one mystery answered the group set out to help Lheeamak discover the fate of the Chuunh Abhaal.


The players made use of Soon-bok’s antique Courier ship to travel several dozen miles to the southwest to the Chuunh grazing lands where they too were unable to find any sign of the Bhruu. With keen eyes however Dr. Mokoto made the observation that the vegetation in the area seemed unhealthy and in need more nutrient-rich soil. The group thought this odd of local flora and searched the area more thoroughly coming across a pool of metallic fluid, which retreated into the ground at the player’s curious advance. The pool’s retreat brought to the surface a nest of Black Worms, including the legendary broodmother Shaahaaruu Taamuniiak, “The Valley Maker, Mother of Many”.


With weapons primed and ship’s gun’s trained the players made short work of the black worms and began forcing the broodmother’s retreat. Before its disappearance though the great beast swallowed Shepard and nearly cost the marine his life if not for the psychic interference of Haoyuun. The team raced back to Kansas Station to save Shepard’s life. Dr. Mokoto assisted Dr. Iko Jita in saving Shepard’s life, but both were unable to save his right leg. It seemed that the players had gained a new cyborg ally to their arsenal.

As the doctors fought to save Shepard, Zaap relayed their findings to the Bhruu consulate who jumped to conclusions assuming the “gray goo” was meant as a mining tool and cost the Chuunh abhaal their lives. The herd charged into DeValk’s office, chasing him through the tight cooridors of the administrative offices. There the players saw for the second time an alien-life form with blue-purple skin clothed all in black. The entity made formal introduction to Zaap through a psychic assault which Zaap rebuffed, instead gaining full knowledge of the creature’s name: (Lonliness Before the Searing Nerve Pain from the Indigo Star). The creatured turned on DeValk, blaming the Inseer incompetence for their failure and disappeared, stepping sideways into nothingness.

The group filed full inquiries with the Inseer government who found DeValk guilty of numerous crimes. The once-administrator was outfitted with behavior-altering software and reintigrated into society, much to the Bhruu’s anger. The Concord arrived and assisted the Inseer with the precise removal and decommissioning of the outlawed “gray goo.” With great thanks Raahlak (Kaanh Abhaal) brought to his people a treaty of non-agression between the Bhruu and the Galactic Concord which allowed all those interested to join the fleet and venture out into the stars in a way their kind had only dreamed of before. The fleet charted a course out of the Karnath system having gained great allies, but making full note of the fact that somewhere out there in the Verge an enemy was lurking in the shadows and slowly poisoning the standing-infrastructure of the Verge settlers.



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