Darwin Alder

Deputy Administrator of the Diplomatic Corps. on the C.S.S. Victory


Darwin Alder is a young human hailing from one of the many habitable planets within the Orion League. He is an up-and-coming young member of the diplomatic corps who has rapidly advanced through the organization’s ranks. While he still lacks the tri-staff, a symbol of full administrator rank, he carries himself as a man ready to be given one.

Alder currently commands the concord administrator diplomatic corps stationed on the strike cruiser C.S.S. Victory.

Darwin Alder helped set facts straight to Zaap Branig Ahn concerning the cloak-and-dagger mission on Corrivale. Alder later helped Zaap rejoin the mission in secret, leaving no transporter record of the dralasite’s return voyage.

After the assault at Hammer’s Star and the fleet reconvened at Bluefall Darwin revealed his existence as an advanced synthetic lifeform. He volunteered to serve as ambassador to the External Threat.


Darwin Alder

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