Grun (Longrunner Clan)

Major of the Concord Marines unit on the C.S.S. Victory


Grun is large and commands and intimidating presence (as all weren do). She usually sports light auburn fur when the color isn’t shifting. Grun was was born on the weren home-planet Kurg and performed at least one tour of duty with the Orlamu Theocracy before joining the Galactic Concord. She has mentioned to Kalden that her clan sponsored her voyage off Kurg, in hopes of fulfilling an aspect of the Weren Heresies. Grun is seen as a mystical figure who may one day find a prophet to uplift the weren people and end their tribal infighting.

She currently commands the contingent of concord marines stationed on the strike cruiser C.S.S. Victory.

Major Grun had this advice for Kalden when it came to working with humans – “If they won’t take orders, or they’re above you in the chain of command, make sure they’re the ones being shot at. It’s a lot less likely that a human will recover after they’ve been wounded. Everyone dies. Humans just tend to die easier than weren, its one of the few flaws they have. Afterward you get promoted. With rank comes respect. Don’t die and you should be fine.”


Grun (Longrunner Clan)

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