Zan Dalin


Zan Dalin is a seshyan the players have been sent to find and protect. She has uncovered a conspiracy that has painted a target on herself from both the Aanghel Empire and the Devli’yan traditionalists.

To avoid the death of an innocent the heroes agreed to smuggle her offworld and then back to the galactic world to speak out as a vocal opposer to VoidCorp’s enslavement of her race. In return she gifted Zaap Branig Ahn an amulet made of wood from her ancestral home, Sheya’s forests.

As far as the Aanghel Empire, the Devli’yan traditionalist movement and the Galactic Concord is concerned Zan Dalin died from plasma fire in the forests outside of Red Knife on Corrivale.


Zan Dalin

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