Season 1, Session 1: Once in a Lifetime


Teleporting down to the surface of the moon Alaundril the players set out to find a ship that they might use to travel across the star system. With charm and guile the players successfully reduce the asking price of a hunk-of-junk courier transport to an affordable rate. The players separate with half of the team salvaging parts from a local dump to repair the new ship, while the other half searches for Gustav Kizias, Ph.D..

After questioning the local populace the team discovers Kizias searching through trash bins for dinner. Kizias explains that he has been on the run from something with stealth tech that has been following him. He also fear that his fellow research scientists may have already been targeted and eliminated. Kizias is taken back to the ship, and out of harm’s way while a portion of the team goes to check out the last known location of Kizias’ associates.

The first associate, a mechalus named D’zerga Phet is presumed dead after the team discovers a large portion of cybernetic components stashed in the ceiling. The team then moves onto investigating Sephua Benner’s apartment only to discover that a group of thugs and unknown blue aliens have beaten them to the punch and are turning Benner’s apartment upside down looking for something, and preparing Benner’s corpse for relocation. A violent struggle ensues in which the heroes discover the alien assailant’s ability to teleport.


Having confirmed the worst about Kizias’ associates, the players make haste toward the planet Atlas in fear that Kizias’ dig site had already become a target. However, the party was followed and their ship contained a stowaway. A terrifying mechanical construct with a living, thinking brain is surprised and stopped before it can kill anyone or destroy anything aboard the ship. Any clue as to it’s origin evaporates as the robot self destructs to protect its secrets.

On Atlas, the group travels far beneath the surface to discover that all of Kizias’ assistant had died and their bodies piled beneath the floating alien sphere. Pirates soon arrived and descended into the mine’s shafts claiming to have been sent by a “big tall blue guy who liquifies your brains if you tell him, ‘No.’” The players prevented the pirates from taking the artifact.


They then loaded the item aboard their ship and visited with the local Hatire leader Abbotess Setal Oleer and the Ancientist community representative, William Penn. There the players learn that the pirates are a real and present danger to the populace of the Tendril system and they are beginning to establish a drug business in which they peddle a substance known as White Spike.

The players set course for the planet Delphin to consult with Andrew Tofske, Ph.D. about the alien artifact. En route they discover that the device is functioning and shows signs of activation. In orbit of Delphin, the players are delayed after finding that both Andrew Tofske and their First Officer Quesas Ba Ona have left communication range in the area of an alien race known only as Centurians.

Season 1, Prelude: Awakening


During the first session players took the roles of “blank slates,” Individuals who for one reason or another donated their bodies and minds to a peace keeping organization called the Galactic Concord. The Concord overwrites the “blank slate” with detailed memories from important events throughout history before the 26th century, as well as a new identity.

The blank slate candidates were awakened and tested in several virtual scenarios that replicated events in the past. The candidates excelled at the tests and were able to glean that the stellar nation of VoidCorp was worth carefully watching, if not for the fact that they were painted in a poor light during the simulations, then for the fact that they allowed themselves to be shown that way to members of a scientific study that they themselves helped fund.

After undergoing re-genesis and being cleared for active duty by Doctor Ha’ahsum the candidates sat down for a first meal, better getting to know each other in the process.

After witnessing a stirring speech by Sector Administrator Julian Baynes the fleet dropped out of drivespace to be greeted by the blue light of the F1 supergiant Tendril, the first star system in the Verge.



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