Season 1, Session 4: The Road Less Traveled

One thing was clear; Zan Dalin had to die. The young sesheyan had stirred up too much trouble within her own community. The gangs wanted her dead and the traditionalists wanted her dead. The only people who knew about Zan Dalin who didn’t want her dead was the sinister corporate heads of VoidCorp, and they wanted Zan Dalin to help re-enslave her people.

As the players left Red Knife they each harbored different beliefs on what the correct course of action should be. Heloise, Zaap, and Sam returned to the fleet to speak with their superiors on the topic. Heloise and Sam however were taken into a Top Secret mission and prevented from helping their team. Zaap talked with Darwin Alder and Bruce Hale of the Committee on Verge Integration and learned that the team had been sent on their present mission illegally by members of the committee acting outside their authority. Therefore, no matter what happened on Grith, any knowledge of the mission could easily be disavowed. Darwin called in favors to help get Zaap back to the lunar surface with this information and Minister Hale promised to scrub all logs of transporter activity that showed the players had ever come back aboard The Lighthouse.

Those who remained on Grith helped a hitchhiking sesheyan on their way to mission objective. The hitchhiker claimed to be Pe Terei, owner of a local hunting lodge outside of Red Knife. Pe attempted to answer what questions he could of the players, but was caught lying on several important topics. When confronted Pe admitted to being an assassin on retainer for the Aanghel Empire, sent to eliminate Zan Dalin. He offered to split his fee with the players should they help him accomplish their goals. This only further divided the opinions on what the “right thing” to do would be.

When the group arrived to the coordinates they had been given, they indeed found a hunting lodge, in which a very frightened Zan Dalin was staying. Haoyuun discussed with Zan the ramifications of her intentions and attempted to better reveal the error in attempting to reintroduce Grith’s sesheyans into VoidCorp’s servitude. Zan was convinced but still knew that a change had to happen for her people.

Zaap returned via a H.A.L.O. deployment, and brought ill tidings to the group having seen a large truck headed in their direction while descending via parachute. The players prepared for battle as Pe used the opportunity to sneak around and put eyes on his target. The truck arrived carrying a number of poorly armed sesheyans from the traditionalist movement with a captive gandercat they hoped to use to make sure Zan and the players was dealt with.

Both the traditionalists and the assassin were talked down and convinced to allow the players to leave with the problem child, Zan Dalin. A vote was cast and the players agreed that the only safe solution was the plan no one had offered; smuggle Zan off-moon and back to the Stellar Ring where she could join other sesheyan freedom fighters and work towards the betterment of all sesheyans, including those on Grith. A number of the party donated credits to help fund Zan’s voyage and promised to continue to send help when they could. In return Zan Dalin gifted the group her inherited amulet, made from wood local only to the forests of Sheya – her proof that Grith’s sesheyans were exactly the opposite of what they insisted to be, native to Grith.

Much to Pe’s dismay his life was extinguished and his body used to falsify evidence that the players had arrived to assist Zan too late. They burned his body with laser and plasma fire making the remains nearly indistinguishable. The Verge Committee members who had orchestrated the entire fascade were incredibly angry, but seemed all together convinced that it was the Grith-local sesheyans who had perpetrated the crime. The players seemingly remain one step ahead of the VoidCorp information network.

Season 1, Session 3: It's a Jungle Out There


With mixed feelings about the Stoneburners being resurrected the C.S.S. Victory returned to the Tendril system to retrieve SAM from his temporary enslavement to the centurians. Two destroyers were placed in orbit of Pallas III and the remainder of the fleet pressed on to the Corrivale star system.

During the stardrive to Corrivale the players were summoned to the Committee on Verge Intigration’s chamber for special assignment. Only two members of the committee had convened, Undersecretary Michael Thayne of the Starmech Collective and YC937 59NMP, a.k.a. Judith Holman, of VoidCorp. The players were assigned to retrieve a sesheyan individual with crucial information from the lunar surface of Grith, the third planet Hydrocus’ only moon. The only lead they were given was to check with the security force in the capital city of Diamond Point.

Heloise docked the players’ ship moonside as everyone went through customs and checked their weapons. As they passed through the city the players quickly learned that sesheyans of Grith came from an ancient offshoot of the race, predating the VoidCorp enslavement of their cousins. However, despite the Hattire church’s devotion to charity most urban sesheyans either lived as beggars or worked for the criminal element known as the Aanghel Empire.


The players located the local security force and inquired publicly about their target, one Zan Dalin. Missioner Elias Houne immidiately drew arms and demanded the players surrender into the security force’s custody. After a short standoff it became clear to the players that Elias was not used to dealing with individuals so open in their methods, nor was he good he concealing his own. Elais knew that a part of the Aanghel Empire had infiltrated his security force and was attempting to prevent them from knowing that Elias himself had hidden Zan Dalin in a secure location.

When the planted operative found an excuse to leave the security force’s office Elias relinquished coordinates that would lead the players to Zan. However the coordinates were located more than 30 hours south-east, far into the jungle. Grith’s native fauna prohibited air travel so the players found a large delivery truck and bartered with its owner for the ability to borrow it.

A long afternoon gave way to a dark night that found the players maneuvering the large vehicle off-road through the jungle in an effort to reach the sesheyan village of Red Knife. A few short miles outside of the village the vehicle was stalked by large reptilian creatures called Veractor. A chase transpired through dense underbrush until SAM used himself as diversionary tactic, throwing himself from the vehicle to save the others. The truck stopped and the players held their ground until the Veractors lay defeated.


The player were injured though and quickly made their way to Red Knife to find respite and hopefully Zan Dalin. After arriving at the village’s perimeter the group was held at bowpoint by sesheyans unused to nocturnal visitors. Seeing that they were not native and were injured the sesheyans rushed the players to their local shaman, an elder male named Devlei’ir. As the player rested Devlei’ir was coaxed into revealing the secret history of Grith’s native sesheyan population.

Hundreds of years previous a colony of VoidCorp sesheyans had escaped enslavement and headed into the Verge in hopes that Galactic War II would prevent VoidCorp from considering them a priority and following. They were not wrong, and son settled on the uninhabited moon of Grith. The sesheyans agreed to leave their children and their children’s children unaware of their true ancestry, hoping that if one day VoidCorp were to follow, deniable plausibility could be used to prevent their re-enslavement. Only the leaders of sesheyan communities knew the secret and passed the secret down to only a single individual in each generation.

Devlei’ir went on to explain that somehow Zan Dalin had discovered the secret and had been creating a public scene, trying to convince his people that their race would be better off in the thrall of the powerful stellar nation that could feed them, clothe them and care for them. Just last week though Zan Dalin mysteriously disappeared though. But before he vanished Zan had gained a following of dedicated supporters and the entire movement had scared both the Aanghel Empire and Devlei’ir’s own traditionalists into a similar conclusion. Zan Dalin must die.

Season 1, Session 2: So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary Galaxy


Knowing that their ability to save Quesas Ba Ona and Andrew Tofske, Ph.D. was running out and that the alien device could activate at any time, the players decided to call in the big guns. Shortly after reporting to the C.S.S. Victory of their difficulties the flagship, along with four support ships and the Lighthouse all exited Drivespace in orbit of Delphin.

The players were taken before The Committee on Verge Integration to deliver their report on the alien device. It was decided to let M.I.N.A. attempt to interface with the device while the players descended to Delphin to recover Ona and Tofske.

After descending to Delphin’s torrid surface the players made their way into a city built of organic-shaped ferrous buildings. They followed their sensor data to one such structure to find the alien race of centurians hunkered away from the sandstorm. Each centurian seemed unfazed by the players and when psychically probed returned only drone-like orders they had been given.


Reaching the inner-most chambers the players discovered Ona and Tofske under psychic domination, being used as drones. A psychic exchange took place between several members of the group and the centurian leader. An exchange of personnel took place in which Ona and Tofske were bartered for SAM, a perfectly compliant never-dying drone. The players extracted the prisoners through the violent winds of the sandstorm in which Shepard became the target of a native lifeform called the Shuriken.

SAM remained on Delphin taking orders from the centurians for three days before being recovered. Meanwhile the other players returned to the Victory to discover that M.I.N.A. had successfully communicated with a virtual intelligence inside the terraforming device. The ancient machine had been able to offer a plethora of data on the ancient stoneburner race and revealed that it was the caretaker of the last known stoneburner embryos.

A debate then occurred where the Committee on Verge Integration and the players non-unanimously agreed to spare Delphin (and its lifeforms) the terraforming process that the alien device was primed to initiate. With a 30-hour clock dwindling a desperate search for candidate planets took place in neighboring star systems. Dr. Tofske assisted the players and eventually the furthest possible system that was accessible within the time-window bore a glimmer of hope. Captain Brooks set a course for the red star of Pallas and everyone prayed or crossed their collective digits.


The Last Hope of the Stoneburners

As the C.S.S. Victory dropped out out of drivespace the hope of all present began to sink. Pallas was a young dim star with three gas giants ringed with ice and metals orbiting closely to the star.

“Dr. Tofske, report. I thought there were supposed to be four planets here,” commanded Captain Brooks.

“It appears as if the fourth planet collided with the star’s surface within the last dozen years. Telemetry from the Tendril system could never have revealed that,” Dr. Tofske replied.

“So we’ve come all this way, and for nothing? I can’t believe that. Launch a series of probes to analyze the moons in orbit of the remaining planets!” Captain Brooks ordered hopefully.

The probes were launched and the minutes ticked by as data slowly crept back across the void of space.

The first planet held 13 moons in its orbit, all of which were molten infernos far worse than Delphin as their gravitational parent orbited at less than one tenth an AU from Pallas.

The second planet contained six moons, three of which held atmosphere. However, all data relevant to elements necessary to sustain life came back negative on each of the three moons.

Finally, the third planet orbiting at a distance of 2.5 AU had two moons, only one of which had even the faintest form of atmosphere. As the information fed into the Victory’s computers though, the chances of the moon being a possible site began building bit by tiny bit. They were sparse, but the moon contained frozen rivulets of SO3 (Sulpher trioxide, known to Terrans as acid rain). Storms with winds in excess of 250 miles per hour were registered with temperatures approaching -150 degrees F. Geological scans shows heavy seismic activity and subterran volcanic activity feeding the sulpher trioxide lakes.

The chances were slim but it was the stoneburner’s only chance. The crew of the victory deployed the ancient alien device into the atmosphere of the moon. With other missions and other living beings to interact with the Victory was unable to remain in orbit to monitor the success or failure of the experiment. Captain Brooks did leave one small vessel of Science officers behind to monitor possible communications from the device.

A week later, after retrieving SAM and arriving in the Corrivale system a message was received from the science team in the Pallas system. They had received a faint signal from the surface of the new stoneburner world, without the assistance of M.I.N.A. however they were unable to translate it. After the datapacket arrived in the Corrivale system M.I.N.A. set to work deciphering the message.

Several hours later M.I.N.A. appeared to the players and their mentors who had been waiting with baited breath.

“I’m not exactly sure how to say this…” M.I.N.A. hesitated.

“It’s okay M.I.N.A.,” said Captain Brooks, “It was a longshot, we all knew that. I want to thank everyone for the work they put into this. It was a noble goal.”

“Sir, it worked.”

“What!? Then what’s the problem?”

“I think it best if I just tell you what the message said. First of all, it wasn’t a message intended for us. It was for someone else. The message was broadcast to a sector of space we haven’t yet explored, beyond the western edge of the Verge. The message reads thus, ‘Priority: Urgent. Terraforming cycle initiated. Time until prison completion…’ and I’m still working on deciphering the temporal markers used in this message, we’re unfamiliar with the orbit track of the planet it uses as a basis… The message continues, ‘Message : Clarification. The maker’s enemies, destroyers of 10,000 worlds will be awakened in…’ and then it repeats the time code.” M.I.N.A. paused then punctuated, “Sir, I’m not entirely sure what we did was a good thing.”

Season 1, Session 1: Once in a Lifetime


Teleporting down to the surface of the moon Alaundril the players set out to find a ship that they might use to travel across the star system. With charm and guile the players successfully reduce the asking price of a hunk-of-junk courier transport to an affordable rate. The players separate with half of the team salvaging parts from a local dump to repair the new ship, while the other half searches for Gustav Kizias, Ph.D..

After questioning the local populace the team discovers Kizias searching through trash bins for dinner. Kizias explains that he has been on the run from something with stealth tech that has been following him. He also fear that his fellow research scientists may have already been targeted and eliminated. Kizias is taken back to the ship, and out of harm’s way while a portion of the team goes to check out the last known location of Kizias’ associates.

The first associate, a mechalus named D’zerga Phet is presumed dead after the team discovers a large portion of cybernetic components stashed in the ceiling. The team then moves onto investigating Sephua Benner’s apartment only to discover that a group of thugs and unknown blue aliens have beaten them to the punch and are turning Benner’s apartment upside down looking for something, and preparing Benner’s corpse for relocation. A violent struggle ensues in which the heroes discover the alien assailant’s ability to teleport.


Having confirmed the worst about Kizias’ associates, the players make haste toward the planet Atlas in fear that Kizias’ dig site had already become a target. However, the party was followed and their ship contained a stowaway. A terrifying mechanical construct with a living, thinking brain is surprised and stopped before it can kill anyone or destroy anything aboard the ship. Any clue as to it’s origin evaporates as the robot self destructs to protect its secrets.

On Atlas, the group travels far beneath the surface to discover that all of Kizias’ assistant had died and their bodies piled beneath the floating alien sphere. Pirates soon arrived and descended into the mine’s shafts claiming to have been sent by a “big tall blue guy who liquifies your brains if you tell him, ‘No.’” The players prevented the pirates from taking the artifact.


They then loaded the item aboard their ship and visited with the local Hatire leader Abbotess Setal Oleer and the Ancientist community representative, William Penn. There the players learn that the pirates are a real and present danger to the populace of the Tendril system and they are beginning to establish a drug business in which they peddle a substance known as White Spike.

The players set course for the planet Delphin to consult with Andrew Tofske, Ph.D. about the alien artifact. En route they discover that the device is functioning and shows signs of activation. In orbit of Delphin, the players are delayed after finding that both Andrew Tofske and their First Officer Quesas Ba Ona have left communication range in the area of an alien race known only as Centurians.

Season 1, Prelude: Awakening


During the first session players took the roles of “blank slates,” Individuals who for one reason or another donated their bodies and minds to a peace keeping organization called the Galactic Concord. The Concord overwrites the “blank slate” with detailed memories from important events throughout history before the 26th century, as well as a new identity.

The blank slate candidates were awakened and tested in several virtual scenarios that replicated events in the past. The candidates excelled at the tests and were able to glean that the stellar nation of VoidCorp was worth carefully watching, if not for the fact that they were painted in a poor light during the simulations, then for the fact that they allowed themselves to be shown that way to members of a scientific study that they themselves helped fund.

After undergoing re-genesis and being cleared for active duty by Doctor Ha’ahsum the candidates sat down for a first meal, better getting to know each other in the process.

After witnessing a stirring speech by Sector Administrator Julian Baynes the fleet dropped out of drivespace to be greeted by the blue light of the F1 supergiant Tendril, the first star system in the Verge.



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