Artificial Intelligence (race)


I think, therefore I am.

The rules stated below are added, not for player use, but for rules transparency and player input. A large part of these rules are inferences made from the A.I. entry in the Alternity sourcebook Dataware, pgs. 49-61.

Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Racial Traits:
    • Artificial Intelligence do not possess a Strength or Dexterity score. It makes use of the Strength and Dexterity scores of any robot it dominates. While in non corporeal form an Artificial Intelligence uses its Intelligence modifier on Initiative checks.
    • An Artificial Intelligence is non corporeal and does not possess a Constitution score. It makes Constitution checks with it’s Charisma modifier (Concentration Checks).
    • Artificial Intelligences must then assign the following scores as they see fit to their remaining Attributes (Intelligence & Wisdom); 14 & 12.
    • An Artificial Intelligence begins with a Charisma of 10.
    • Every 4 levels when an Attribute would be raised by 1 it must be a Mental Attribute and never a Physical Attribute.
  • More Skilled Than Humans: Artificial Intelligence receive skill points as a first level human. At each subsequent level an artificial intelligence receives an additional number of skill points equal to their new level in lieu of the extra skill point humans receive.
    Beginning at level 10 an Artificial Intelligence gain an additional number of points equal to its new level multiplied by two.
  • Starting Occupation: An Artificial Intelligence never starts the game with an occupation to reflect their lack of life experience.
  • Feats: An Artificial Intelligence receives no feats at 1st level. However, it gains feats normally as it advances in level. Combat feats may only be used through dominated robots.
  • Size: An Artificial Intelligence does not have a size while in non corporeal form. It possess the same size as whatever device it is dominating.
  • Language: An Artificial Intelligence starts with one language that they may read/write and speak.
  • Hit Points: Artificial Intelligence do not have hit points.
  • Immunities:
    • Artificial Intelligence are immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, necromancy effects, and any effect that relies on a Fortitude save unless it also effects objects.
    • Artificial Intelligence do not suffer nonleathal damage or the effects of massive damage.
  • Always On: An Artificial Intelligence does not require sleep, food or water.
  • Height & Weight: An Artificial Intelligence does not have height or weight. It possess the height and weight of any robot it dominates.

Special Qualities:

  • Software Tolerance: Artificial Intelligence may download and install any robot equipment that is listed as software. However, an artificial intelligence may only assimilate a set amount of alien data before it corrupts. An a.i. may install a number of software items equal to 1 + its Intelligence Modifier.
    An a.i. may have more software installed than it can bear. However, the a.i. gains 1 negative level per software package that exceeds its maximum allowed. For each negative level, the a.i. takes a -1 penalty on all skill checks and ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws, and loses one effective level whenever level is used in a die roll or calculation.
    Negative levels caused by having too many software packages remains until the offending software is uninstalled.
  • Self Replication A.I. are able to copy themselves the same way as any other digital data maybe copied. To do so an A.I. must willingly lower its Charisma by 2 points. The original and the copy both share the reduced Charisma for the duration of the copy’s existence, unless upgraded by software. Creating a copy of oneself takes 1 hour for every character level the A.I. possesses.
  • Digital Assimilation: An A.I. may choose to merge its existence with that of another A.I. This is usually done to assimilate a copy’s experiences back into itself. If an Artificial Intelligence wishes to use this ability as an attack the two entities must reside within the same file system. Afterward a contested level check occurs, in which the loser suffers 1 temporary point of Charisma damage. The digital grapple continues until one A.I. has lost all of its Charisma, at which point it is assimilated into the winner.
    When A.I. merge the entity with the highest level (or the winner in an offensive merge) retains its personality. The composite entity’s new level, attributes and skills become the highest value between the two entities. Levels taken in character classes may be reassigned to the new entity as the player wishes; however, no class level may ever go above either entity’s maximum class level before the merge.
  • Domination: An A.I. that exists within a computer system may attempt to wrest control of any networked device as a remote operator. Operating an unattended networked object requires a DC 15 Computer Use skill check. Wresting control of an attended object or a robot with awareness requires a contested Computer Use skill check. An A.I. may dominate a number of remote object equal to its Wisdom modifier. Attempting to dominate a device is a full-round action.
  • Processing Speed: An Artificial Intelligence’s processing power operates at a speed many times faster than that of biological organisms. An artificial intelligence may take a number of bonus standard actions equal to its Intelligence modifier. These bonus actions are forfeited during any round in which the a.i. chooses to make a full-round action.
    In addition, any computer-related task that normally requires 1 or more minutes to complete within a computer system takes a full-round action instead, while a task that normally requires 1 or more hours takes 1 minute instead. The DC of the skill check increases by 5, however, as the a.i. trades caution for expedience.

Restrictive Anatomy

  • Artificial Intelligence can not learn Psionic abilities.
  • Artificial Intelligence do not possess biological components and as a result can not make use of cybernetic upgrades or mutations.


Child Young Adult Adult Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
2 5 15 30 45 80 special1

1Artificial Intelligence are hypothetically immortal. However, an A.I.’s memory engrams continue to degrade as it grows older. To reflect this an A.I. loses an additional point of Int, Wis & Cha every 1d10 years past reaching Venerable status.





By default Artificial Intelligence know the language of their creator.



Artificial Intelligence (race)

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