Campaign Schedule and Information


Star*Drive as a campaign is intended to be played as a serialized table-top homage to modern science fiction and space opera. The goal of this campaign is to be casual and fun, yet provide an in-depth story for players to explore.


Star*Drive meets on the second Saturday of each month at 1:00 pm.

Season 1

Date Star System Mission Accomplished? Level Reached?
Mar 14 Campaign Introduction 2
Apr 11 Tendril
May 9 Tendril / Corrivale Yes, + 1 3
Jun 13 Corrivale No 4
Jul 11 Karnath Yes, + 1 5
Aug 8 Lucculus Yes, + 1
Sep 12 Aegis, Part 1 6
Oct 31 Aegis, Part 2 Yes, + 4
Jan 9 Talbot Yes, + 1 7
Feb 13 Endomar Yes, + 1
Mar 12 Vieron Yes, + 1 8

But I Can’t Promise I Can Come to All of Those Games

Okay, don’t sweat it. The game is casual. Come as you want or are able, just try to keep up with what you missed via the Adventure Logs. I promise they won’t be too long a read.

But If I Don’t Come My Character Will Be Too Low In Level

Nope. Everyone will gain XP at the same rate. Your character will simply be assumed to have been participating in some extremely safe, boring but equally rewarding activity during your absence. Just stay on top of leveling up before coming to the sessions!

Campaign Schedule and Information

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