Character Creation


Welcome Subject [redacted],

My name is Morgan, I am a fully functioning Artificial Intelligence here to assist you on your path to regenesis. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact me. Now, let’s get started!

You have chosen to embark on an exciting future through regenesis by submitting your application or by being volunteered by your planetary commission of corrections for the Blank Slate Initiative, brought to you by The Thuldan Empire (All hail the empire!), VoidCorp (proud leader in future technologies) and Insight (bringing you tomorrow — today.)

A wealth of education in your pre-selected fields will soon be downloaded into your memory. As this happens your previous identity will be retired, and your new pre-selected template will take effect.

To ensure that the process has the best chance for success, please double check your selections now:

Step One: Race

Please select your genetic race from the list below. We apologize that at this time we are unable to reformat racial identities:

Aleeren (Mechalus)

If you do not see your race above, we apologize that your race is not yet compatible with the Blank Slate Initiative. If you are an artificial entity please submit yourself for reformatting with the following application: reformat.exe

Step Two: Abilities

Distribute your desired scores into the following attributes; Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma. Racial bonuses to Attributes are added after regenesis.

You currently have 25 of 25 points remaining.

Score Cost            Score Cost
8 0 14 6
9 1 15 8
10 2 16 10
11 3 17 13
12 4 18 16
13 5

Step Three: Class and Skills

Please select a class from the following list & assign your new skills according to the class’s restrictions:

The Strong Hero
The Fast Hero
The Tough Hero
The Smart Hero
The Dedicated Hero
The Charismatic Hero

Step Four: Occupation

The Blank Slate Initiative will provide additional training and funds to match the occupation you choose from the following Occupations.

Step Five: Background

The Blank Slate Initiative will reformat your genetic code, body features and memory ingrams to conform with pre-selected norms donated by each of the stellar nations. Please select a Stellar Nation Background.

Step Six: Vital Statistics

Please input your name __________________________________________ . This identity will be filed and processed with both the Galactic Concord and your new planet of birth.

Please select your desired gender from the list below:

Gender Neutral
Other (please describe)

Please input your present age in Earth based solar cycles _____ .

Please input your desired Height and Weight _____ . We apologize but at this time we are restricted to racial limits in this selection.

Please input your desired appearance ________________ .

Please input your desired personality __________________ .

Please describe to us the history of the person you want to become _____________ .

As a repayment for services provided during the Blank Slate Initiative you are required to serve in the Galactic Concord’s service for a minimum of five Earth-based solar cycles. Please select from the list below the branch of service you feel you would be best suited to serve in:

Star Force (Stellar Navy)
Concord Marines (Terrestrial-based service)
Concord Administrators (Diplomatic services)

Step Seven: Additional Options

After the Blank Slate process has taken effect you will have the opportunity to consult with advisers on Mutation and Cybernetic options as well as acquisition consultants that will assist you in spending your new wealth on personal belongings.

Now please sit back and clear your mind as the Blank Slate process takes place.

Thank you for taking part in this exciting Initiative and welcome to your new life!


Character Creation

Star☀Drive MorganWilliams