Skill Change

The Speak Language and Decipher Script skills are replaced with the Linguistics skill.


You are skilled at working with language, in both its spoken and written forms. You can speak multiple languages, and can decipher nearly any tongue given enough time.

Check: You can decipher writing in an unfamiliar language, a message written in an incomplete or archaic form or even attempt to makes sense of a language expressed for the first time. The base DC is 20 for the simplest messages, 25 for standard texts, and 30 or higher for intricate, alien, or ancient languages. If the check succeeds, you understand the general content of a single conveyed idea or expression. If the check fails, make a DC 5 Wisdom check to see if you avoid drawing a false conclusion about the text. (Success means that you do not draw a false conclusion; failure means that you do.)

Both the Linguistics check and (if necessary) the Wisdom check are made secretly by the GM, so that you can’t tell whether the conclusion you draw is true or false.

Condition Linguistics Check Modifier
Type of document unknown to reader –2
Type of document somewhat known to reader +0
Type of document well known to reader +2
Speaker or author is from unknown culture –2
Speaker or author is from known culture +0
Speaker or author is from familiar culture +2
Reader only casually reviews the document –2

The Forgery skill is unaffected by this change.

Varies. Deciphering a page of ordinary text takes 1 minute (10 consecutive rounds).

Retry? Yes.

• 9R1DP4773R (online language of grid pilots)
• Aleerin (Mechalus)
• Binary Morse (Androids, requires photo receptors, auditory receptors or tactile receptors.)
• Dralasite (Dralasites)
• Fraal (Fraal)
• FreeSpeech (humans of the FreeSpace Alliance)
• Sheyan (Sesheyans)
• Solar (humans of the Profit Confederation)
• Thul (humans of the Expansion Pentad)
• T’sa (T’sa)
• Weren (Weren
• Other languages as they are discovered


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