Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Racial Traits: Mechalus are resilient but unperceptive an not very personable. As a result they gain +2 Constitution but suffer -2 Wisdom and -2 Charisma.
  • Less Skilled than Humans: Mechalus receive 4 fewer skill points at level 1 and 1 fewer skill points at every subsequent level.
  • Size: Mechalus are medium-sized creatures.
  • Base Speed: Mechalus have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Languages: Mechalus possess the ability to read, write and speak the Aleeran language.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

  • Computer Link: As a move action, a Mechalus can link with any computer they can reach, using short filaments that extend from their fingertips. Once the physical link is achieved, the Mechalus can use the computer to accomplish complex computer-related tasks more quickly than normal. A task that normally requires 1 or more minutes to complete on the computer takes a full-round action insead, while a task that normally requires 1 or more hours takes 1 minute instead. The DC of the skill check increases by 5, however, as the Mechalus trades caution for expedience.
    A Mechalus retains his Dexterity bonus to Defense while linked to a computer. Disconnecting from the computer is a free action, and a linked Mechalus who takes an attack action automatically severs the link. The link is also broken the instant the Mechalus can no longer reach the computer.
  • Computational Logic: Mechalus gain a +2 species bonus to Computer Use checks.
  • Cybernetic Adaptability: A Mechalus can have an additional number of cybernetic attachments equal to his level. Improper removal of a cybernetic attachment installed on a Mechalus causes 1d4 points of temporary Constitution damage (instead of 1d4 points of permanent Constitution drain, as normal).


Mechalus, or as they self-identify, aleerans, seem to be distant cousins to humanity when viewed from a distance. They average the same height, build and proportions, but upon closer inspection the Mechalus are drastically different. Mechalus are tecnorganic beings whose biological sides work in concert with their technological side. They are able to exist as synthetic entities from days after their conception due to female mechalus nanobots integrating with an aleeran embryo.

Veins of circuitry and dense metallic endoskeletons make Mechalus very different than humans when viewed close-up. Mechalus are born with dark complexions that hide their mechanical side, although this dark complexion is a thing that can shift depending on the Mechalus’ internal programming. Even more bizarre are the Mechalus’ fine filament wires that extend from their fingertips and allow mental communication with computer software.

Mechalus are also immune to the side effect of cybertechnology called cykosis. Instead of running the risk of cyber technology overrunning their immune systems, a series of nanobots and specialized immunoblockers step in and spread the body’s failure more thinly across all systems so that it is more easily eliminated.

Child Young Adult Adult Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
9 15 40 90 130 160 170+1d20
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5 ft. 4 in. +2d8 inches 125 lbs. +(2d8×7 lbs.) (139 – 237 lbs.)
Female 5 ft. 0 in. +2d8 inches 90 lbs. +(2d8×7 lbs.) (104 – 202 lbs.)


The planet Aleer has a very bloody history that the Mechalus have begun to feel very guilty about. Warfare has always been a large aspect of aleeran society. With the early discovery of ways to harness electricity the aleerans were able to quickly advance into an industrial era. Although Aleer is ripe with heavy and precious metals it lacks large quantities of radioactive materials. Because of this atomic technology never overshadowed biological warfare on the battlefield.

As germ warfare became deadlier, the aleeran need to establish safeguards against it increased. Early cyber-scientists began with gene therapy and crude cybertechnology. While it was not a perfect answer, it did enough to prevent the race’s destruction. An escalating race of deadlier biological agents and ways to endure them continued until few things on Aleer’s surface existed without genetic tampering.

Eventually one side of the global war emerged victorious and united the race under a singular ideology of galactic expansion and conquest. As the aleerans ventured out into their solar system they discovered that their neighboring planet harbored life nearly identical to themselves. The inhabitants identified themselves as oridin and refused to allow aleerans access to their planet. The urge for conquest flared in the hearts of the aleerans and thus began their first interstellar war.

The aleerans bombarded the planet with deadly toxins and then stormed the surface with hundreds of thousands of soldiers. When they arrived though the aleerans discovered that their biological agents had worked too well. The aleerans had, whether they meant to or not, committed genocide on the oridin people. The aleerans were frozen in fear at what they had done as a race. Drastic social reform swept throught the highest levels of aleeran society. The concept of violence became grotesque to the average citizen and pacifist blocks were downloaded into most of the populace.

A century later humans from the Rigunmor Star Consortium made first contact with the aleerans. Humanity, having only recently taken part in the subdjugation of the sesheayns made special effort to pacify any fears the aleerans might have about them. The Rigunmors spared no expense to demonstrate the advantages of an alliance, offering exclusive trading rights, access to Rigunmor stardrive technology, and even the colonization rights to several nearby systems. To the amazement of the Rigunmor delegation, prepared for months of arbitration, the aleerins signed a commercial agreement after only a few days.

Though the aleerins hid it well, they were still recovering from a century of incredible internal turmoil and were quite vulnerable at the time. They had no war fleet. The Rigunmor proposal to incorporate Aleer within the Rigunmor sphere of influence met no resistance. The aleerins even accepted the name that humans gave them: mechalus. Shedding their old name seemed another way to forget the past.


After the genocide of the oridin, the aleerans ousted their leaders and reviled the concept of personal power grabs. Governmental decision are now made with consensus politics and group action; individual efforts are rewarded, but rebelling against a decision that has already been made is almost unknown.

In special situations judge or magisters are appointed by group concensus to arbitrate particularly difficult choices. In the instance of petty criminals (and crime rates are low among the mechalus) they are usually forced to make restitution to their victim, paying a blood price for injuries and damages. This custom is similar enough to the Rigunmor criminal justice system that it attracts little notice in the Star Consortium.

The same cannot be said for the pacifism implants, which the mechalus reserve for cases of treason, murder, rape, piracy, kidnapping, battery, extortion, and psionic assault. In the case of severe crimes, the felon is fitted with a simple restraining device that disallows all sudden motion. This implant, called a “warden,” primarily affects movement and striking, but effectively cuts STR and DEX in half. While
the implant remains attached to the criminal’s central nervous system, he is drugged, passive, and content, unable to commit crimes and sometimes even unable to care for himself.


The old religion of the mechalus is referred to as The Warrior’s Credo and has been outlawed within Rigunmor Star space. The religion was constructed by the an aleeran by the name of Thetor and taught that only through struggle could the aleeran species attain and maintain unity. Offenders found harboring the code within their mainframe are exiled from Rigunor space.

Many aleerans have adopted the ways of Old Earth Buddhism or joined the ranks of the Insightful, a movement built on Grid technology that teaches the free exchange of knowledge unbarred by language or race, focused on the evolution of the mind to transcend the need for flesh.


The mechalus language, aleeran, is comprised of hard sounds that break with sudden syllables. For example; gravitons would be pronounced grav•tons. Otherwise the language is not unique in any way and is very comparable to human Solar.

Aleerin names consist of state-assigned designations, often replaced by self-given names (often given during adolescence). This is followed by a state-assigned genetic tag that identifies hereditary lines for medical and genealogical purposes.

Example Names: Aryl N’drochi, Turin Zisef, Copil Temma, Iota Xi


Aleeran culture has been heavily modified by the pacifist turn in their society. Most aleerans focus on creating a more perfect culture with each other by coming to except the differences in them selves, or by purifying the radical concepts from their midst.

Aleerans are unique in the galactic community in that they do not form lasting relationships with one another. There is no sense of family as partners are preselected by genetic pairing algorithms and children are remanded to be raised and educated by the central planetary government. The aleerans do not see this as odd and marvel at the inefficiency of other races in this respect.

Likewise both flesh and mechanical body parts are seen as expendable to aleerans so long as the whole survives. The allerans constantly marvel at other race’s reluctance to genetically and mechanically perfect themselves. They see it as immature and foolish for others to
forgo the obvious benefits of biological engineering.


When the aleerans first made contact with the humanity they had advanced nearly as far as humans in nearly every way, surpassing them in both cybertechnology and medical interfaces. They lagged slightly behind humans and fraal with their interstellar engine technology and used mainly solar sails to transport ships from one planet to the next.

Since then the mechalus have advanced at a similar pace to the rest of the known galaxy and are revered as the most prominent cyber surgeons and Grid technology creators anywhere.


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