Ranks and Promotion


With service comes merit and commendation. With reputation comes prestige. Those who serve the Concord Neutrality are rewarded with higher ranks as befit the services rendered. Responsibilities too increase, as those individuals rise in rank.

What follows is a chart that lists the required criteria for promotion within the ranks of the Concord Neutrality departments of war, exploration and diplomacy. The chart also lists the largest model of starship that each rank is cleared to act as an officer on.

Star Force
Concord Marines Concord Administrator
(Diplomatic Corps)
Special Commendation
0 Ensign 2nd Lieutenant Cadet Requisition Ability
4 Lieutenant
junior grade
1st Lieutenant Senior Cadet License
8 Lieutenant Captain Field Administrator Bonus Feat
12 Lieutenant
Major Deputy Administrator License
16 Commander Lieutenant Colonel Administrator Special Equipment, Bonus Feat
20 Captain Colonel Chief Administrator Starship Command
24 Commodore Brigadier General System Administrator Fleet Command, Bonus Feat
28 Rear Admiral Major General District Administrator Admiral Level Clearance
32 Vice Admiral Adjutant General Sector Administrator Political Immunity
36 Head Admiral Senior General Senior Administrator Improved Starship Command

License: The hero gains a free license of their choice. This license must be selected from the following list.

License list: Basic License, Restricted License, Military License

If the hero has already purchased all available licenses they may instead make a profession check to gain wealth as if they had sold a piece of equipment with a purchase DC of 17.

Bonus Feat: The hero gains a bonus feat of their choice. This bonus feat must be selected from the following list, and the hero must meet any prerequisites.

Bonus feat list: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Aircraft operation, Armor Proficiency (armored), Armor Proficiency (heavy), Armor Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency (medium), Cybernetic Surgery, Exotic Firearms Proficiency, Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency, Oathbound, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Starship Operation, Surface Vehicle Operation, Windfall, Xenomedic, Zero-G Training

Special Equipment: The hero gains a piece of special equipment of their choice. This piece of special equipment must be selected from the following list, and the hero must meet any prerequisites to use the equipment.

Special Equipment list:

Equipment Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Rate of Fire Magazine Size Weight Restriction
Disintegrator 3d8 20 Energy1 30 ft. S 10 Box Large 6 lbs. Mil
Photon Shield Small 2 lbs. Mil
Star Sword 2d10 19-20 Fire Medium 1 lb. Mil
Tri-staff 2d6 19-20 Slashing Large 12 lbs. Mil

1 This weapon deals damage of a nonspecific energy type that is not subject to energy resistance.

Disintegrator: Resembling a laser rifle, a disintegrator fires a micro-singularity that obliterates the target’s molecular structire on impact. Any living creature reduced to – 10 hit points by the weapon completely disintegrates. Objects and nonliving creatures (including robots) reduced to 0 hit points by the weapon are likewise disintegrated.
Disintegrators do not use ammunition, but instead are powered by special power packs that allow 10 shots each (puchase DC 8).

Photon Shield: The photon shield is a technology loosely based on the light-bending properties of black holes. By using controlled gravity waves to create millions of microscopic black holes around the user, the photon shield bends light rendering him invisible.
A photon shield can cover a Large-size or smaller creature or a huge or smaller object. It grants a + 40 equipment bonus on Hide checks if the subject is standing still, or a + 20 equipment bonus if the subject is moving. Pinpointing the location of a character wearing a photon shield that isn’t attempting to hide requires a Spot check (DC 40 if not moving, 20 if they are). Additionally, a character wearing the photon shield gains total concealment (50% miss chance) against attacks, even if the attackers correctly pinpoint its fighting space.

Star Sword: The star sword is a cutting-edge (no pun intended) improvement over the newly developed beam sword. The gravity field used by the star sword to contain plasma has been reduced to be only a single micron in width. As a result the plasma contained within will sometimes “leak” when exposed to items that contain a magnetic charge.
Objects of PL 5 or higher that have an energy source have their hardness negated when being damaged by a star sword.

Tri-staff: The tri-staff is a badge of accomplishment to Concord Administrators, and a closely held secret to the Concord military. As a result wielders always gain a + 3 bonus to their Reputation for the purposes of having their authority recognized. Training with the item is restricted and proper usage requires the Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency (tri-staff) feat.
As a free action the tri-staff may be powered up, dealing an additional + 1d6 points of electricity damage. At the same time, it exudes a force field that grants the wielder DR 10/–. The tri-staff can be powered up in this fashion for a maximum of 10 rounds per day. Recharging a tri-staff requires a power source and 1 hour.

Starship Command: The hero is given command of a starship, the make of which is their choice. The starship must be selected from the following list, and the hero must undergo additional missions as assigned to that ship’s specialty.

Starship list:

Starship Type Mission Types
Corvette Diplomatic Missions, captain’s choice
Frigate Exploration Missions, captain’s choice
Destroyer Combat Missions, captain’s choice
Strike Cruiser Exploration Missions, admiral’s choice
Battleship Combat Missions, admiral’s choice
Star Freighter Diplomatic Missions, admiral’s choice

Fleet Command: The hero may at any time check current Concord fleet deployments and their missions. The hero may choose to redeploy fleet activities as if the hero were taking advantage of the Red Shirt System.

Admiral Level Clearance: The hero gains special access top secret mission details, special access to PL 8 equipment, unredacted dossiers on individuals in-question and a number of other undisclosed benefits.

Political Immunity: This ability functions as an Ambassador’s Diplomatic Immunity class ability except that the hero may add their level to the Diplomacy check. However, the consequence of a passed check is considered one tier lower than normal.
Characters who already have access to the Ambassador’s Diplomatic Immunity ability gain a +4 competence bonus on a check to invoke Political Immunity.

Ranks and Promotion

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