Tendril Star System


Object Classification Orbital Distance Gravity Radiation Atmosphere Heat Satellites
Tendril Star (Supergiant)
Delphin Planet (Terrestrial) High High Toxic 175° 2
Sperous Planet (Terrestrial)
Alaundril Moon (Sperous)
Atlas Terrestrial Low Moderate Vaccum 0
Crya Belt Asteroid Belt
Pox Planet (Gas Giant)

Story Seeds

Dr. Gustav Kizias (right), age 130, is a xenoarcheologist from the Borealis Republic. He and two of his contemporaries recently discovered a new set of subterranean caves containing abandoned ruins under the surface of the planet Atlas. Within the ruins Dr. Kizias uncovered a device with erratic energy signatures. Based on the reading he took, Dr. Kizias believes that the device was originally built for terraforming purposes. The discovery has been intentionally kept out of the civilian broadcasts within the Tendril system. However, Dr. Kizias confirms that at least two other settlements have excavation permits and are mining in the same area as his own team; a religious group of Ancientists, as well as the Hattire Community citizens who reside on Atlas full-time.

Dr. Kizias has recently contacted the Galactic Concord with concerns over his personal safety. Both of the other scientists in his expedition have gone missing during the party’s recent tenure offsite for resupply on Alaundril. Dr. Kizias is recorded in Borealis legal files as having a tendency towards embellishment. However, there are concerns over the nature of the claims about alien technology he may have discovered. The Stellar Ring’s foremost professional in terraforming Dr. Andrew Tofske, happens presently to be working in the Tendril system. We have scheduled a consultation over the device, should you be able to transport it to Tofske’s research station on Delphin. Further complicating things are reports of pirates within the vicinity of Atlas’ shipping lanes. Therefore, you should be prepared for violent boarding scenarios.

Report to the the C.S.S. Victory, submit your orders and permanent assignments to the ship’s captain Erich Brooks. He will see that you have any equipment that you require for your mission. Afterwards, your orders are to determine the veracity in Dr. Kizias’ claims by rendezvousing with him in Alaundril’s capital city Babel. From there you are to complete your orders as assigned by your commanding officers below.

Keep in mind that we are visitors to the Verge and we are not above its laws. Should your investigation lead towards the fringes of the law – tread carefully. In extreme or dire situations you are encouraged to contact your commanding officer so long as the C.S.S. Victory remains within your communicator’s range. The Concord fleet stardrives to the next star system in two solar weeks. You have until that time to complete your assignment.

Star Force Objectives

Anise_Rezal_square_thumb.jpg [ ] Secure a non-Concord transport to ferry your squad from Alaundril to Atlas, and then to Delphin.

[ ] Log at least 1 unique scan per officer from Tendril’s stellar system objects into the Concord stellar charts.

[ ] Confirm or refute with proof the reports of pirates within the vicinity of Atlas.

[ ] Investigate the excavation site for clues about the ancient alien civilization.

[ ] Transport the alien artifact to Delphin for investigation. Under no circumstance must you allow the device to become active before, during or after the examination.

Diplomatic Corps Objectives

Darwin_Alder_square_thumb.jpg [ ] Determine the truth behind Dr. Kizias’ claims of his life being in danger.

[ ] Make contact with both the Hattire Community leaders and the Ancientist religious leaders to decipher their involvement with Dr. Kizias’ excavation.

[ ] Investigate the excavation site for clues about the ancient alien civilization.

[ ] Prevent your squad’s involvement in any illegal activity.

[ ] Once you have arrived on Delphin, rendezvous with Administrator Quesas Ba Ona and assist her investigation of a First Contact coverup.

Concord Marine Objectives

Grun_square_thumb.jpg [ ] Discover the fate of Dr. Kizias’ partners.

[ ] Protect Dr. Kizias.

[ ] Secure the dig site and protect any artifacts Dr. Kizias has located.

[ ] Investigate the reports of pirate attacks plaguing shipments leaving Atlas. Apprehend any pirates that you encounter.

[ ] Assist the Diplomatic Corps. members and Administrator Quesas Ba Ona in their investigation of a First Contact coverup.

Alien Life Forms


Tendril Star System

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