Alien Species

Allies and Protected Species of the Galactic Concord

Playable Races LA Description
Humans +0 Citizens of and distant relations to the planet Earth.
Fraal +0 Mentally superior wayfarers in search of their ancient home.
Sesheyan +0 Primitive hunter-gatherers pulled from their home planet Sheya, well before their time.
Mechalus +0 Technorganic beings from the planet Aleer who struggle to fit into an organic-based galaxy.
T’sa +0 Reptilian expansionists determined to work with the galactic community but not at the cost of their racial identity.
Dralasite +0 Amorphous hermaphroditic nomads in search of intellectual enlightenment.
Androids +0 Mechanical creations patterned after their makers for the sole purpose of assistance.
Weren +1 Physically intimidating warrior-philosophers from the planet Kurg.
Bhruu +3 Quadrupedal mammals from a stone age with strong oral traditions.
Non-Playable Races LA Description
Artificial Intelligence +6 Non-corporeal intelligences that reside within a digital construct of reality.
Centurians +0 A primitive psionic race native to the planet Delphin in the Tendril system.
Deepfallen +1 Aquatic psions able to collectively tear open doorways in space and time.
Everem +? Angelic and pacifist fairy-like creatures.
The Glassmakers +? An ancient and benevelant race known to have battled the Stoneburners for control of the Verge.
Medurr +2 Dragon-like quadrupeds with a volatile temperament.
Pafal -1 Not so giant space hamsters.

The External Threat

Non-Playable Races LA Description
??? +? Shadow operatives who manipulate easily influenced individuals within the Verge.
Klick +1 Strength-sapping terrors from deep space.
Kroath +? Soldiers sculpted from the dead of other races.
The Stoneburners +? An ancient alien race known to be conquerors and enemies to other ancient alien species.
Teln +? Tiny psychic worms able to infest and influence the actions of the infected host.
The Thaal +0? Fraal of a different name.

Alien Species

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