At the edge of known space is
The Verge…


Here is a sneak preview of what to look forward to in the Star*Drive campaign, based on the answers you gave to the Space Opera Questionnaire:

The Verge is an expanse of space, located between this spiral arm of The Milky Way and the next. Although previously explored and settled, The Verge has long been silent since the onset of Galactic War II. Now as old feuds are settled and war begins to fade into peace an expedition sets out to reconnect with The Verge.

What awaits you in The Verge?

Aliens: The game will start with 6 new alien species. Depending on where the sandbox nature of the campaign heads there could be as few as 3 and as many as a dozen new races to encounter and unlock as playable races.

Androids: As a roleplaying exercise you may opt to play as an Android. Androids will be featured as part of the campaign structure, but no special focus will be placed on their existence or growth as individuals within the campaign’s structure.

Cybertechnology & Genetic Alteration: In the first session a brief introduction to cybertech and genetic engineering will be given, it is available to all characters throughout the campaign.

Space Exploration: You will be given (as a group) the command of a preconstructed ship which you may choose to upgrade as you see fit. The ship will feature a custom system (that will be detailed soon) called the “Redshirt system” which allows a nebulous crew of extras to fill in the niches that no one wants to play. A variety of options will be presented as missions to undertake as you and your crew explore The Verge.

Religion: While religion will be featured in the campaign, it will only exist in the background. Any “divine magic” will be easily exposed as psionics or advanced technology.

The Grid: An advanced digital world exists and many people use it for all aspects of life – work & play. In this campaign however it will primarily be a means by which the players can communicate with one another and key NPCs over large distances. The Grid may also be used as a research tool.

Undiscovered Secrets: The Verge is a hotbed for clues to an ancient civilization that charted the stars before humanity ever existed. What happened to them and where did they go?

War: Thus far alien contact has been mostly peaceful, but there are things in the dark abyss of space that have no interest in peace… things that have discovered The Verge.


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